Jumat, 11 November 2011

Guilty Pleasure #4

It's been a reaaaalllly a long time i didn't post anything in this blog. Kinda miss it.
Actually i found these snacks on my trip at Riau on POPNAS 2011, last September. But want to share it since they had a cute pack.

First of all, is this chocolate candy, i don't find it yum. not reccomended.

Second, is this japan pancake, it is not tasty enough. First, i thought this was soft, but for me,  it taste like "krupuk" with the chocolae icing. errrrr......

Then, i found this chocolate bar. I didn't really like it. But some of my friends said that it was good.

Last, this is my favorite. It's sooo yum. this is a cookies with chocolate paste inside. I wish i could find it in Jogjakarta. but i can't find it anywhere. :(


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