Senin, 07 Maret 2011


I'm soo curious about lomography things, because it looks fun, unique, and colorful.
But, mostly, I love their vignette effect, and holga 135 BC have it.
So, I decided to bought The Holga 135 BC from Lomo Embassy Store Jakarta (in my town, it's sold out)

Finally, after 5 days waiting, my Holga 135 BC is coming!! yay \^o^/
so, i wanna show it off :) here it is

penampakan :

It is so classic, isn't it? That's why i love it.
And I gave it name, Jared. (I know it stupid thing, but it's fun anyway, give a name for your gadget) hehehe :D

And. . the song title is called "Classico". It is a song from Tenacious D.
You better listen to it, it's fun song to hear. :)

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