Jumat, 30 Desember 2011

Best of 2011

Berhubung 2011 udah mepet-mepet. So, I want to share the most-thing I enjoyed in 2011.

Best Movie :



First Love

Easy A
Kung Fu Panda 2

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules

Wedding Dress

Best Album :
Vices & Virtues - Panic! a the Disco
Recommended Tracks : The Ballad of Monalisa, Ready to Go, Hurricane, The Calendar

Torches - Foster The People
Recommended Tracks : Helena Beats, Pumped Up Kicks, Waste

A Fever You Can't Sweat Out - Panic! at the Disco
Recommended Tracks : I Write Sins Not Tragedies, But It's Better If You Do, Build God Then We'll Talk, Lying Is The Most Fun Girls Can Do Without Taking Her Clothes Off. But for me, actually, all of them :D

21 - Adele
Recommended Tracks : Rolling in the Deep, Turning Tables, Set Fire to the Rain.

Jimmy Eat World EP
Recommended Track : Lucky Denver Mint ( it just have 5 tracks, and all of them are good )

Still Not Getting Any... - Simple Plan
Recommended Tracks : Shut Up! , Welcome to My Life, Perfect World

Take a Vacation! - The Young Veins
Recommended Tracks : Change, Cape Town, Defiance, Young Veins ( Die Tonight )

Belevers Never Die Greatest Hits - Fall Out Boy
Recommended Tracks : Dead on Arrival, Grand Theft Autumn, This Ain't A Scene It's An Arms Race, America's Suitehearts

Best Song :

But It's Better If You Do - Panic! at the Disco
Monster - Paramore
Lucky Denver Mint - Jimmy Eat World
Grand Theft Autumn - Fall Out Boy
I'm Just a Kid - Simple Plan

Jet Lag - Simple Plan ft. Natasha Bedingfield
Just a Kiss - Lady Antebellum
Cape Town - The Young Veins
Count on Me - Bruno Mars
Dancing on My Own - Robyn

Gone So Long - Breathe Carolina
Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) - Lady Gaga
Light Up The Sky - Yellowcard
Look Through My Eyes - Phil Collins
Runaway Run - Hanson

Everything - Lifehouse
Lullaby - Jon Walker
We are Young - FUN ft. Janelle Monae
Helena Beat - Foster The People
Mr. Brightside - The Killers

Runaway - The Corrs
Shut Up and Drive - Rihanna
Perfect - Pink 
Valerie - Glee Cast
What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction

Best TV series :

Gossip Girl


So far, this is my longest post :)

Senin, 19 Desember 2011

Arisan! 2

Sekitar seminggu yang lalu aku nonton film ini  \(^o^)/

Dan saya sangat puas sekali. :3 Nggak kalah bagus sama film pertamanya.Sayang Tora Sudiro rambutnya di sini agak, nggak ngenakin bentuknya -_-;
Tapi plus2nya dari sekuelnya ini adalah soundtracknya jauh lebih asik, lokasi shootingnya mantep, dan ada 2 tokoh tambahan yang keren banget menurutku, 

Yang pertama adalah Rio Dewanto! :D Cowok semacho ini bisa meranin gay yang bener-bener gay banget. Ceritanya dia ini jadi pacarnya Nino (Surya Saputra) yang baru, umurnya lebih agak jauh lebih muda. Yang bikin lucu dari peran dia ini adalah kompetisi terselubungnya sama Sakti (Tora Sudiro). Tapi jadi siapa ya dia namanya, lupa gue.

Yang kedua, Adinia Wirasti. Perannya jadi Milo, apa Moli? yah itu pokoknya. Nggak tau kenapa aku suka banget sama aksen, cara ngomong sama kata-kata mbaknya ini. Wajah sama style nya juga keren. Jadi in love :D Dia meranin penderita kanker rahim yang jadi inspirasi buat Mei-Mei.

Btw, adegan perayaan Waisak di Candi Borobudur nya mirip sama adegan di film Animasi "Tangled" :o

Senin, 12 Desember 2011


Akibat bisikan maut dari seorang Aghnia Amalia, akhirnya film Arisan ini aku tonton juga.

Jarang-jarang ada film Indonesia asik kaya begini. Ceritanya keren, jokesnya lucu, cast nya pas nggak ada yang actingnya maksa. Dan emang film ini reccomended banget buat ditonton.

Favorit gue tetep, Tora Sudiro ( Sakti ). Ceritanya di sini dia meranin gay galau dengan love interest nya si Surya Saputra (Nino). Tapi yang bikin ngakak di film ini adalah aktingnya Rachel Maryam (Lita). Apalagi pas adegan lulurannya Tora. Di situ ada ibunya Sakti, Lita sama Tika Panggabean yang jadi tukang lulur. Dan itu adalah adegan favorit gue di sepanjang film ini. :D

Oh! sama satu lagi adegan favorit aku, adegan berantemnya Aida Nurmala (Andien) sama Cut Mini (Meimei) ini juga keren banget. Kata-katanya ngena, dan ah keren banget pokoknya. 

Ini adalah film Indonesia kedua yang bikin gue silau setelah film Mengejar Matahari. Sayang aku nggak begitu ngeh sama soundtrack di film ini.

Kamis, 08 Desember 2011


Nemu aja foto Brendon Urie pas SMP. Udah keliatan gantengnya. Gila kali gue kalo di SMP ada laki bentuknya kaya begini. :D

Project Runway Season 1

Just finished watch PR Season 1. Too much drama, and don't really like the designs at all.
For the whole season, this dress is the one that i adore.

This dress is made by Jay McCarroll. which is the winner of PR Season 1.

Jumat, 11 November 2011

Guilty Pleasure #4

It's been a reaaaalllly a long time i didn't post anything in this blog. Kinda miss it.
Actually i found these snacks on my trip at Riau on POPNAS 2011, last September. But want to share it since they had a cute pack.

First of all, is this chocolate candy, i don't find it yum. not reccomended.

Second, is this japan pancake, it is not tasty enough. First, i thought this was soft, but for me,  it taste like "krupuk" with the chocolae icing. errrrr......

Then, i found this chocolate bar. I didn't really like it. But some of my friends said that it was good.

Last, this is my favorite. It's sooo yum. this is a cookies with chocolate paste inside. I wish i could find it in Jogjakarta. but i can't find it anywhere. :(

Senin, 12 September 2011

Project Runway Season 7 part 2

There you go, the photos from Project Runway Finale Show season 7.
My favorite look from the other finalists :

Anthony Williams

Jesse LeNoir


Jay Nicolas Sario

Jay Nicolas Sario

Jay Nicolas Sario

Jay Nicolas Sario

Jay Nicolas Sario

Jonathan Peters
and from the Top Three :

Seth Aaron Henderson 

Emilio Sosa

Mila Hermanovski

And I agree with the judges, Seth Aaaron had the best collection, eventhough what Emilio and Mila did is amazing too.

Rabu, 07 September 2011

Project Runway Season 7

Okay, I'm crazy about this show lately. And I spent a lot of my holiday time watching it. Hosted by Heidi Klum along with Tim Gunn as a mentor.
Season 7 is the first I had been watched and I completely in love because of it.

And this two is my favorite since the beginning :

Seth Aaron Henderson
Jay Nicolas Sario

My Favorite look from this whole Season 7 :

Seth Aaron - E01 Back to New York

Amy Saraby - E02 Fashion Farm

Jay Sario - E02 Fashion Farm

Seth Aaron - E02 Fashion Farm

Emilio & Anna - E03 The Highs & Lows Fashion (Look for Less)     
Amy Saraby - E04 Run for Cover

Anthony Wiiliam - E04 Run for Cover

Jay Sario - E05 A Little Bit of Fashion

Seth Aaron - E05 A Little Bit of Fashion

Jay Sario - E06 Hard Wear

Emilio - E07 Elements of Fashion

Seth Aaron - E07 Elements of Fashion

Anthony & Maya - E08 Takin' It To The Street

Seth Aaron & Emilio - E08 Takin' It To The Street

Jay Sario - E09 Hey, That's My Fabric

Seth Aaron - E09 Hey, That's My Fabric

Emilio - E10 Sew Much Pressure

Emilio - E11 The Big, Top Designers

Jay Sario - E11 The Big, Top Designers

Cool, right? Well, maybe I'm a little bit obsessed about these stuff. :D
I will post the final show later,wait and see :)


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